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Residential & Commercial

Putting green & Sports Fields

Residential & Commercial

Synthetic Grass is used to replace natural grass.  It can be install on terrace, balcony. Improvements have been made in design and the appearance is getting closer and closer to natural grass. A new product available, a filling substitute that is meant for turf that is used by domestic pets. This is the only filling with  that prevents pet odors caused by ammonia which becomes a gas. In other words, your lawn will resist the unpleasant smell . Our product is excellent for pets and safe for childrens. This is a low cost alternative for maintaining fresh synthetic grass.Contact us to learn more about the use of synthetic grass in residential environments.


Commercial usage

 Usage for synthetic grass is on the rise and it is used for many different applications; Training centers, restaurant terraces, walls, shops, fairs and exhibitions of all kinds.Our artificial turf can be installed near the airport runways, the real turf helps to clean the air and water of the airports, improve the life of the engines (by fixing the dust), but it attracts birds that can be sucked into airplane reactors and break them. To avoid the cost of scaring birds, synthetic turf was tested as a replacement for real lawns. Birds quickly understand that there is nothing to eat and leave the premise.


Daycare & Playground

Putting green & Sports Fields

Residential & Commercial

 There are multiple applications for colored synthetic grass. Daycare centers use a lot of colored synthetic grass. For playgrounds, race tracks, hopscotch, mini tennis courts as they are loved by children.Different colors can be installed for all kinds of applications; Red, blue, purple, yellow, green, white...

Multi usage artificial turf

The multi usage artificial turf proposed by Synthetic Grass Florida inc. enjoys an excellent reputation among urban communities, clubs, schools, and many other government agencies due to its optimal life span. The height of the synthetic lawn is about 1inch to 2inches and a half . It offers excellent non-slip and rebound properties. 


Putting green & Sports Fields

Putting green & Sports Fields

Putting green & Sports Fields

Synthetic turf provides a playing surface that is geared toward durability and performance. The governing bodies of major professional sports like FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football), the IRB (International Rugby Board), and the FIH (the International Hockey Federation)in Miami all use and endorse synthetic turf as the playing surface of choice for professional matches.  There are many benefits to using GreenFields artificial turf. It offers the benefits of superior safety and performance and also  meets certain requirements that would be impossible to achieve through use of natural grass in terms of consistency uniform levels in playing field conditions.

Synthetic Turf for golf, will deliver the consistent performance  you need to practice shots and improve your hitting in Bocaraton and Fort lauderdale area. 


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